The Home of the Volkswagen

Volkswagen Fun Stuff

Stuff for the computer. These are zipped files of things I have put together as a theme for each Volkswagen listed below.

Volkswagen Beetle Windows Startup/Shutdown Screens.
Volkswagen Bus/Camper Windows Starup/Shutdown Screens.
Volkswagen Jetta Windows Startup/Shutdown Screens.
Startup/Shutdown How to A walkthrough on how to use these files.

Volkswagen Cursors Cursors for Windows
Volkswagen Icons Icons for Windows

Pictures and Sounds for your Windows Desktop.
Back VW Volkswagen Picture.
VW Back 2Volkswagen Picture.
VW WallpaperVolkswagen Picture.
VW BadgeVolkswagen Picture.
VW Badge 2 Volkswagen Picture.
Bug Wallpaper Volkswagen Picture.
Bug Wallpaper 2 Volkswagen Picture.
Bug Wallpaper 3 Volkswagen Picture.
Volkswagen Stop Volkswagen shutting off sound.
LackLife Sound from the DA da da Commercial.
Muir Voice of the author of How to keep your Volkswagen alive.
Rav Volkswagen Reving sound.
Road of life Sound from the Da da da commercial.
Startup Volkswagen starting up.
VW Da Da da da sound.

New Beetle ScreenSaver New Beetle Slide Show ScreenSaver.
Cartoon Beetles Little beetles racing across the screen SreenSaver **Cute**.

All files above are stamped with this site address. Feel free to edit them as you like.
These files will need to be unzipped with either WinZIP or PKunzip.
PKunzip Download Pkunzip here.

WinZip Download Winzip from here.